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Thanks, we are quite happy
with the printed Lanyards
here in the UK
~Stewart M Hachette
You guys really saved us on the
travel lanyards.
Detail came out fantastic...
~Wendell Sampson
It's hard to find printed
lanyards deals in UK. We ordered
cell phone lanyards and they are
~Cpl. Kerry Eversole
You are the best I've found
of lanyards source. Thanks
to Tom and the gang
~Dr. Freda Capella
Thanks Tom for all the
help with our
Hanging neck wallet.
~Katherine Malcolm
These are the lowest priced
ID wallets I've found.
~Michael Lee Rowan
I got the graphic the next day
and the order arrived in UK
here just a week later. Totally
impressed not lanyards only but
also the service.
~Candace Chan, phD.
Thanks Tom for such great
service on the ID holder wallets!
~SSgt David LaBounty
Best custom lanyards place
Anywhere. Our fourth order
and we always get great service
from you guys...
~Dean Gladwell
Our school lanyards came
out great. Your low prices are
~Desiree Schy
Thanks Laura, Tom and all
the gang at
We have ordered custom badge reels
custom lanyards and dog collars
and your service was top notch
Thanks again.
~David Kardashan
Your site is my
new source forID badges
for our conventions. The quality
was excellent.
~Tom Winston
We ordered ID neck wallets
last month and they just arrived
I'm very pleased. We
are really happy and can't wait
to use them at the trade show.
~Garbis Kadet
More accolades for your
lanyards printing. Cheap lanyards
and great service! We'll order
shoelaces and eyeglass straps
next month.
~Cpt. Shane Pendleton
Excellent quality and service!
~Mohammad Samat
Printed Lanyards
Best Deal!
Low as
0.28 ea.
Woven Logo
Low as
0.27 ea.
Water Bottle
Low as
0.51 ea.
Cell Phone
Holder Lanyard
Low as
0.28 ea.
Printed ID Pouch
Low as
1.11 ea.
Custom Neck Pouch
Low as
0.77 ea.
Custom Id Holder
Low as
0.77 ea.
Hanging ID Holder
Low as
0.89 ea.
ID Neck Wallet
Low as
1.11 ea.
Discount Badge Wallet
Low as
1.17 ea.
Printed ID Holders
Low as
1.11 ea.
Custom Dog or Pet Collars
Low as
0.39 ea.
Custom Dog or Pet Leash
Low as
0.53 ea.
Custom Eyeglass Strap
Low as
0.39 ea.
Printed Shoelaces
Low as
0.38 ea.
Friendship Bracelets
Low as
0.51 ea.
Golf Bag Tags
Low as
0.71 ea.
Promotional Luggage Straps
Low as
1.29 ea.
Custom Carabiner Key Holders
Low as
0.53 ea.
Custom Key Holders
Low as
0.51 ea.
MP3 Holder or Cell Phone Holder
Low as
0.89 ea.
Shopping Cart Child Strap
Low as
0.81 ea.
Child Safety Strap
Low as
0.81 ea.
Custom Luggage Tags
Low as
0.71 ea.
Retractable Badge Reels
Low as
0.39 ea.
MP3 Holder Armband
Low as
.99 ea.
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